Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 8th

There's so much advertising in the media offering all sorts of discounts for cruising in Alaska & Canada at the moment but it's way too early to take advantage of any of these offers.
Thinking very seriously about buying some US dollars though, as the AUD$ is fetching 98.3 cents today!!Forecast is for it to reach parity with the US by Christmas!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27th

Still very very early days to start planning but already my requests for brochures,timetables,maps and general info are starting to arrive.
After reading members comments and stories in Fodor's Forums,the first important thing we have to decide on is what is the right time of the year to go.It appears that May/June is the low season and prices are as good as they will get!
None of us are skiing fanatics so will probably choose hikes,kayaking and general side trips off the beaten track & get a real feel of the countries & their culture.The cruises are a bit pricey but have found a couple that won't break the bank and don't take up more than 7 days.
We still need plenty of time for the other US states.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Alaska,Canada,USA with the Mayers

It's going to take a lot of planning, not to mention dollars ,to map out this exciting trip !
Armed with Lonely Planet guide books,wall maps,Fodor's Forum and trips to the travel agent for advice,I think we can do it!!
Early suggestions are Canada & Alaska first and then travel across the border to the US states of Montana,Wyoming and Nth & Sth Dakota then across Yellowstone? and on to San Francisco then home.
This all sounds a bit ambitious,especially with all that Alaska & Canada have to offer and 6 weeks to do it in but these four friends don't need 5star everywhere and a bit of roughing it is no big deal..
Having said that, we will be in bear country at some point and thick walls around where I'm sleeping will be a huge comfort!!