Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 20th 2011

Wow! 6months since I wrote the first words about our trip but so many things have been happening in between that have slowed me right down...but now am back on track!
Andrew has put in his holiday application for late April/May 2012,so that's the first hurdle over.
I've bought 2 "The Milepost" books from Alaska to help with planning our itineraries.After reading other travellers trip posts on Fodors it seems to be the one that will help us the most, as planning a doable 4 weeks is mind boggling to say the least!!
Finally managed to buy a decent map of both Canada & Alaska (2 of each),1 to draw on & make changes and the other to take with us.The Alaska part of the trip is the hardest to plot as there are limited roads and so much of the touring will be on marine ferry and light planes that service this remote part of the world and hiring a car can create hassles as you are crossing USA(Alaska) and Canadian borders quite a few times.The most important thing is to ensure that each one of us gets to see and do everything on their wish list whether it be by plane,train ferry or car!!!Glaciers/Whales/Bears/Aurora Borealis/Sled Dogs/Caribou and of course to see & feel the overall culture of the Alaskan/Innuit people.