Monday, October 31, 2011

1st November 2011

After attending the Travel Show at Darling Harbour we were so lucky to happen upon Sean from Flight Centre..He was enthusiastic with our plans and we were able to book our flights with Canda Air at a good discount and arrange our travel insurance while there.
We gave him our itinerary to look over and arranged to have a meeting with him at the Agency to look over his ideas.
He was just brilliant!!He was able to fine tune our trip and booked Rocky Mountaineer,car hires,internal flights,ferry trips and accommodations...We are also booked for a flight over the Arctic Circle where we will land at an isolated Innuit village.
With the exchange rate at $1.03,Leanne and I bought $1000 US for $965.05.Very happy with that..
Now we have to wait for the months to skip by..