Sunday, November 20, 2011

21st November

Only 5 months till the beginning of our Alaska Canada adventure!!!
I've been getting a lot of feedback on the Fodor's forum site which is full of info not found in travel books etc.Some comes from residents who know the areas well that we are going to & others are travellers with some of their own experiences.It's all helpful..
One tip was to get a very early start in the morning from Tok so we will be in Kluane NP in full daylight to get the very best photo opportunities and because there should be very little traffic on the Alaska H/way at that part of the season we should take every chance we get to stop & take in the scenery/wildlife that abounds there(fingers crossed).
The last thing we need to do to finally have everything in order is to do our ESTA applications.These are needed for entry into USA and as we will be crossing the border a couple of times we need to have everything in order.
I think we did the right thing in buying our US dollars when we did as it's struggling to reach parity again.