Monday, January 30, 2012

31st January 2012

We finally have our itinerary!!!A little bit different from our original ideas but fills nearly all our criteria,
Sean,our wonderful travel agent, has had a great time finding the best prices for accommodation/car hire/flights/glacier tour /Rocky Mountaineer/and Inside Passage Ferry..
All up the cost for the 4 weeks for the two of us came to $19,700..Still have to pay for petrol and food but not worrying too much as we will be sharing those costs with Andrew & Leanne.
Had great fun choosing travel bags and other accessories..I wasn't going to take my computer but because I want to be able to write this blog while travelling it is coming along in it's nice new purple carry bag!!
We've had lots of advice about being aware of bears and have watched a couple of videos that will make sure we keep on our toes.One of the strongest piece of advice was not to pee in the bush!!!!
Andrew's biggest wish is to get a photo of Terry being chased by a bear!!Like that's going to happen!!He may be 70 but with a bear behind him you wouldn't see him for dust!!!!
Getting very excited now all is organised.Only 12 weeks to go!