Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday16th July

This was a good day!!!
We met up with Andrew & Leanne and hit the Travel Agent with a suggested itinerary..I think it was a lot for her to take in but said she will go through it all and send an e-mail with her suggestions during the week..We also picked up a great brochure on independent tours to do in Alaska which created a bit of excitement between us as most of what we wanted to do & see was laid out in it..
Also found what sounds like the wilderness cabin/lodge off Vancouver Island that is only accessible by float plane,something we all wanted to do.Promises lots of bear sightings and other wildlife..
We hope to go to an expo being held at the Travel Agents on 30th July where we may be able to get good discounts on our airfares..
This is such fun planning this trip...

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