Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 1 Vancouver

Up at 4am and waiting for the Mayers to arrive at 5am and we're off down the F3 and head for the airport.Very foggy but not much traffic so we made very good time..
The guys took the car to the carpark while Leanne and I trolleyed all our luggage to a cafe to wait for them..
 Had a surprise visit from Andrew's sister Martina and her son Luke who came to say goodbye.
Waiting for our flight to be announced,it came across the PA system that due to the fog our plane would be 40 minutes late taking off.
Finally on board and settled in our seats we were pleased to see about a dozen late release movies to help while away the time as well as documentaries and oldies.
Up up and away!!! We were well fed throughout the journey and the flight was uneventful..
Flying in over snow covered mountains was just awesome and we had a really smooth landing.
The airport is huge but nearly empty of people as the skiing season has finished and we were on the shoulder season.Through Customs with no dramas and out to get our taxi to our hotel.Our driver was great and filled us with all sorts of info about Vancouver..The city is coming to life after Winter and streets were lined with Magnolias and trees covered in blossoms..It's a very clean city and the view at the end of the road leading through to the city centre was just beautiful with snow covered mountains as the backdrop..
Our suite at the hotel is fabulous.We each have a roomwith a tv,a lounge/kitchen area with big TV,bathroom with a bath.Very swish....
We all had a 2 hour nap before setting off to explore the city and find the Tourist Info Ctre where we booked a tour up to Whistler for tomorrow..Stopped at a bar near the hotel and the boys had a Canadian beer and we each had a margarita to top of the day.Back at the hotel we had happy hour and watched out the 12th floor window as the crowds wended their way down to the stadium for the playoffs in ice hockey between the Kanuks and ? singing their heads off.Quite a sight..
Getting tired after a big day.The bed is going to feel so good tonight!!!!

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