Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sunday 15th April 2012

We're counting down!!! 6 more sleeps till we head for the airport,leaving the Central Coast at 5am.
The car is booked in at a long stay carpark near the airport which saves us the hassle of getting there either by train or shuttle bus.Also it's nice to get back after a long flight and hop in the car and drive home..(Don't want to think about the trip being over!!)
Picked up some more US and Canadian currency which should see us through nicely.
Last minute shopping was for adaptors for recharging cameras,laptops,shaver etc. and a couple of pairs of warm track suit type pants for me..Our thermal underwear is all packed as well as gloves ,beanies & scarves..Terry's bag is all packed and locked.He's so organised!!I'm still putting in and pulling out again.If anything is forgotten we will just have to go shopping!
Next blog will be our first day after arriving in Vancouver.Yeeha!!!!!!!!!!

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