Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 7

A day for travelling and getting to Fairbanks,,
Woke up and looke out the window to see 2 window cleaners on the high rise opposite,dangling from a thread of rope and swinging from side to side to clean..Couldn't watch...gave me the heebie geebies!!!!
We had breakfast in the hotel and decided to have stroll around the city.Same as as any other so we all said let's just drive to the airport and hang around there Arrived very early but read and snoozed until time to board.
Because we wereleaving Canada and our destination was the US we had Customs to go through and they are very very thorough..Our fingerprints were taken as well as eyes....Shoes off and bag opened and examined..All good.Phew!
Not a big plane this time..Just 2 propellers(and 2 wings too!!)but it was a great flight as very smooth.Only 1 & 1/2 hour flight to Seattle where we changed planes for Fairbanks..Seattle is a big airport but just had time for a coffee before we wereoff again.This time a big jet..Another easy smooth flight and totally awesome views of the tops of snowy mountain ranges.
Took a taxi to the hotel with a real character.She had her little dog on herlap as she drove and looked like she'd just come out of the woods.!But she was full of info about Fairbanks and we booked her to take us to our Arctic flight in the morning.

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