Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 5 Rocky Mountaineer

Wow!! Just unbelievable scenery all around us..The sun is out and snow is piled high beside the rails and through the pine trees..Looks like a Christmas Wonderland..We passed and travelled beside the Thompson River for many miles.Lots of rapids but also many landslides beside he river.Only the most advanced and experienced rafters go on this one when the snows are melting and feeding the river.
The service and attention to us(called The Guests not passengers)was superb.Any request was granted and any question asked was given the answer fully..Apparently if there is danger of a landslide,the army is calledin and they fire a Howitzer to create a slide controllably.
Arrived in Banff just before evening and this place is beautiful.It more like fairyland with all the shoplights on people wandering around doing shopping..Terry bought another Akubra type hat.Hope this one makes it home this time!!
Our accommodations so far have been excellent,nearly all have been 4star.
Our journey on the RM finished here in Banff and we were waved off agian with those smiling faces.
The Mount Royal Hotel here is another winner.
Tomorrow we are on our own and pick up the rental car in the morning..

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