Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 2 Vancouver

View from Gondola at Whistler.
Snow everywhere!!!This is just how I imagined this place to be like..Even though it's the end of their season there were still lots of skiers & snowboarders here.The drive up here was just awesome on the Sea To Sky Highway and our driver was terrific showing us to places we wouldn't have seen if we drove ourselves.The road wound itself up the mountains and we were lucky enough to see a coyote,a deer and cute little squirrels..There were signs to beware of bears but no luck there yet!! Majestic waterfalls cascading down hundreds of feet and crashing over boulders at the bottom and racing off into rapids downstream.Had lunch in a mexican style restaurant where Andrew had Nachos(see photo)
Doesn't look too good does it?But there was nothing left 5 mins later!!!!
Finding it hard to describe just how beautiful the country is here.Tomorrow we are off to a camping goods store to buy boots for Andrew and a soft style backpack for us.
This is for Allison..There are Wallymart stores here!!!! Can't wait to take Leanne through one....
It's 10.30 and the youngins have turned in for the night so Terry & I will have our showers and tuck ourselves in for the night..

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