Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 8

The sun was gone but it was a soft light through the night,so blinds had to be closed so we could sleep.
Up at 6.30 and down to have the complimentary breakfast.Nice variety to choose from so left for our Arctic Circle Adventure well fed.
We boarded a Piper 2 engine plane and belted up for the ride of our lives!Climbing up and over Fairbanks city and then over the magnificent mountains..Followed the Dalton H/way,flew over a couple of remote Athabascan outposts and the famous pipeline that carries oil down from Prudoe at the top of Alaska. Saw a couple of remains of old gold mining towns that are now only inhabited by 80 or so folks.
Followed the Yukon River which was still frozen over and looked like a great white ribbon weaving it's way between the mountains.
Smooth flight again..How lucky have we been? We landed in Coldfoot which is really a truck stop for the haulers going north & south along the Dalton.
Chris was our guide on the ground.Just a young bloke but very enthusiastic and knowledgable.Because Leanne showed an interest in the sled dogs he got us all fitted out with gumboots and we walked around to the kennels..We were greeted by about 20 happy and excited doggies  who just wanted to be patted,all the while taking turns howling in the air to get attention..Chris then took us to a frozen lake where we walked out a little way (nervously!).It's very isolated there but in the Summer season when the tourists arrive there is boating/hiking and a variety of attractions.
Back on the plane to Fairbanks which got a little bumpy as we neared the airport but we landed safely after a terrific and memorable day.

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