Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 10

Another wonderful day!!Started off with blueberry pancakes and hot chocolate.Yummm.
Decided to drive a little way south and explore as tomorrow we will be driving straight through to Kenai with no time to detour.It turned out a great idea as the road followed the Cook Inlet on one side and marshes on the other..Supposed to be a good place for whale watching along here but no luck..Saw a moose eating young tree buds on the marshy side.He looked a bit scraggy because of losing some winter coat..
Our next stop was a Wildlife Conservation Park.Still very new but was fabulous as we saw grizzly bears/black bear/musk ox/caribou/deer/porcupine and lots of bison..The grizzlies were climbing down into the water and getting fish which must have been stashed somehow under the water for them to hunt for..Once out of the water they climbed back up the bank and ran back & forwards on the snow bank drying off!They were fun to watch....
Next stop was Portage Glacier.A popular spot for tourists in the Summer.There is a gondola ride and a cruise on the lake but the season hadn't started there so all we could do was walk down to the glacier which was just awesome..The road we walked down was piled high either side with snow banks higher than 6ft and and the child in us all just had to have snow fights and play a bit of soccer with the stuff!!
Back in the car and headed down to Whittier which is a sea port mostly..To get there we had to use the tunnel that is 2and a half miles long through the mountain. One way traffic in at 15 min intervals and a longer wait if the freight train gets there before you..There really was a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!!The village was mostly closed and we were starving but Leanne found a chinese restaurant open so we were saved!!It feeels funny when you're the only people in places, whether for meals or tourist things to explore but has made our trip very memorable.
Back to the hotel and have a little snooze before dinner.Tomorrow we drive down the Seward Highway to Kenai where we were told the whales had arrived on their journey north..Fingers crossed!!

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