Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 13 Kenai

Travelled down the Seward again but our destination was Kenai on the Peninsula..This area is supposed to be a real eye opener with scenery and it was on the highway down but the town itself was a bit disappointing..Maybe when the snow covering melts and uncovers all the ugly bits is the reason why it looks old and uninviting..The "beach" has grey sand and no waves.After a quick sight see around we were all starving so found "Paradiso" for lunch..The waitress was a big buxom lady who took a bit of a liking to me and called me Li"l Darlin', much to the others amusement...It was a Greek/Mexican/Alaskan menu and we were all very full at the end!
Checked into the Aspen Suites for the night..Huge room with 2 queen beds/lounge/kitchen/full sized fridge/tv/huge bathroom..Very nice..Leanne has done a load of washing in the hotel laundry but we've been washing and drying our undies each night which suits us ok..Weather got down to 1 degree celcius on the way down but apart from the chill in the wind if you stand out in it for long,the temperature isn't too bad..
Tomorrow we will be in Seward and are booked on a Glacier Tour in Resurrection Bay where we are hoping to see some sea life,hopefully whales.
Just a few more pics from yesterday.
Not much to do here in Kenai ,so it looks like an early night!

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