Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 17

We reached Tok today after a long drive from Wasilla..Saw  a number of moose and a huge hedgehog but only managed to get a rear view of him as he got frightened and waddled off into the forest.
A very light dusting of snow when we stopped for hot chocolate and coffees at a diner..These places are so funny as the walls are covered in notices with messages.Some nice some not so nice but interesting..
They love their guns here!!!!!!
We're in a motel here tonight and it's attached to a restaurant so we had luch after we checked in..Silly me should have known better and asked for the child's size nachos.An absolute mountain was served and quite beyond me being able to get even halfway through it.Am looking forward to some nice home cooked vegies and simple meals...Even Terry is getting a tummy..
The guys have gone to the bar for a nightcap and it's time for a shower and bed as tomorrow is our biggest driving day of the whole trip as we head for Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory..We have to cross the border and go through Canadian customs which is  just near a small town called Beaver Creek.
None of the photos I posted before this of houses was the beautiful one on Lake Lucille in case you were worried!!!!Will send more after I download them...

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