Monday, May 14, 2012

Days 22 & 23

Prince Rupert...Arrived at the hotel around 4am after 2 nights on board the BC Ferry from Ketchikan..Took a while to get over sea legs but had a good nights sleep in a nice quiet hotel.
We had a few hours to kill before hopping on a bus that took us to a ferry that took us over to the airport,so decided to hire a car for the day and drive up to another town called Terrace..So glad we did as on the drive back we saw 2 black bears and a number of bald eagles..Very thrilling!!Also should comment on a drive up to a ski resort that was still closed.It was a gravel road and wound up the mountain with deep snow and a few hairpins that got the guys excited.
Back to town and waited for the bus..Waited at the airport for about an hour and watched Andrew get the full Customs treatment as they had forgotten a knife packed in their carry on bag...Body search(pat down)etc...Looked a bit stressed as he came out!!
The plane was a funny little thing with a propeller on each wing under which the wheels tucked in...
Shouldn't have worried as it was very smooth  and was only a short flight.
Arrived in Vancouver around 10pm and picked up our car there..Terry & Andrew had the biggest grins when they came to pick us up with the bags..It was the biggest 4x4 and black and looked like the sort the FBI drive.. A GMC Yukon. 6ltre v8..Two very very happy boys!!!
The Sandman was our hotel for the night.It was so quiet and had the comfiest beds so we all had a good night..
Up at 9am for breakfast French Toast(see photo. UGH! so over the top!!)and drive over to the ferry to take us to Vancouver Island..We are staying at "Painters Lodge"at Campbell River tonight.A very very nice resort overlooking the river and set in beautiful gardens..Tulips,Rhodedendrons,azaleas,lilacs are all blooming here and the treea are all sprouting leaves..So happy that we are seeing a bit of Spring before we leave for home.

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