Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 21

Skagway..What a quaint little town..Looks most like it would have back in the 1800s..Wooden boardwalks along the street and shops that have kept that outpost look about them..
Our B&B is a lovely old fashioned white building which has 5 bedrooms..All very cosy as it's freezing here with a wind that would make your nose drop off!!Freshly baked muffins,oatmeal and fresh fruit for breakfast...
We found a great pizza place for lunch and spent  some time window shopping while we waited to board our WhitePass Yukon Train ride..This was just amazing as the train climbed up through the mountain pass,through a couple of tunnels,over the highest bridge and then through narrow snow/ice passages where you could hear the train scraping the sides!!I had to sit on the side closest the rock side as I couldn't look down over the other side..So frightening....
Back down to Skagway and waited for the Alaska Marine Ferry that is taking us to the capital city of Juneau..This is just a day trip and tomorrow we will be on the ferry for 2 nights as it wends it's way through the Inside Passage..Only way in or out of here is by sea or plane and 1 out of 4 people who live in these places have a pilots licence .. Found the Red Dog Saloon and had a great time there which helped pass the time in a very pleasant way!!Barmaid (Laura) didn't want us to leave!
For the first timeon our holiday the trip was a little disappointing as it rained from the time we left Juneau till we reached Ketchikan..But Larry the barman on board kept us entertained!!
Ketchikan..With a cruise ship docked there were more people strolling around than we'd seen in other places and it was funny watching the shopkeepers beckoning them into their shops which were mostly jewellers..The main attraction here is Creek Street which is a shopping experience with a difference..Old historic buildings built on wooden pylons on and along the creek/stream.One of the houses was the famous brothel run by Dolly.Lots of fun stories about that lady!!
Back on the ferry and our get off stop is Prince Rupert .It doesn't get in until 4am so we will all be sleeping in  next day..

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