Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 19

Today was spent driving to Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway..I got a bit excited when I imagined there was an aurora showing through the clouds but in reality I think it was just part of a rainbow.Funny colour though....
We stopped for morning tea at "Buckshot Bettys",a typical Yukon cafe run by Betty herself who even has a song written about her..We've almost given up ordering coffee over here as it's just plain awful and tastes like brown tasteless water..Plent of choices for tea and there's always hot chocolate..
Arrived at Whitehorse around 4pm & booked into The Westmark..
None of us felt hungry but went to the bar for drinks while we decided if we should eat or not.
The barman was also a chef and proud of the menu he and another guy had prepared so we ended up with Bruchetta for Terry & I and ribs for Andrew & Leanne..So much for not feeling too hungry .
Today was milestone in my life!!!!I walked across a suspension bridge!!!Leanne was on the other side coaxing me,and with my eyes planted at my feet I took off and didn't stop until I reached the end .
Didn't look down at the view which was over a deep canyon with the Yukon River running through..What a day!!!We were above Schwatka Lake for a long part of the drive and it was frozen solid..As we reached the US border crossing 2 miles out of Skagway,it started to snow..Not just little flurries but proper snow!.At times the view either side of the road was a white out and quite eeirie but beautiful in a strange way.
Skagway is a lovely old town with wooden sidewalks along the street in front of the shops..This was a starting point for the thousands who joined the goldrush to the Klondike in the 1890's and still has the look of a frontier town.There are still quite a few original buildings standing..
Tomorrow we are taking the White Pass Yukon Rail trip up through the mountains in old rail carriages.The weather is freezing so we will be rugged up in all our thermal gear for the trip .
Tonight we are in a lovely B&B which is very cosy and warm..Looking for a good night's sleep...

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