Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 15

Well,this is the day we've been waiting for and it certainly didn't disappoint..A 5 hour cruise on the North Star Princess into Resurrection Bay.
The day started off a bit misty and freezing cold..We had layers of clothes on so we were ready for anything Mother Nature threw at us...
We had a Park Ranger on board who kept us informed of any wildlife either on land or sea and also had a Junior Rangers club going for the little kids on board..
No sightings for the first hour and then great excitement as a school of Orcas passed by
A huge group of sea lions lounging on the rocks.
Mountain goats high up on the mountain on rocky ledges.
Bald eagles in the trees.A couple on nests.
Humpback whales swimming right by the boat!!
A variety of sea birds like puffins/cormorants and kittiwakes.
On our way back to Seward after having an all you can eat lunch,the ranger excitedly yelled out that their were sea otters just near us.....They are the cutest creatures who float along on their backs with their little heads and flippers sticking up...
Such a wonderful day and especially so to see all that wildlife on the first trip out for the season..

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