Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 14 Seward

This is a great little sea port town..Just what we were hoping for...Lots of history and old buildings. We all had hamburgers for lunch..Huge!!! Also had a cup of seafood chowder which was delicious..The coffee is pretty awful but they do make a good hot chocolate!!(Note the sign.."Cheap beer & lousy food")Decided not to test it....
We wanted to drive then walk up to Exit Glacier but the road was still being worked on so was closed for a few more days..Not to worry as our cruise tomorrow promises to have lots of wildlife including orcas,seals and bird life...We're booke in to the Best Western which is situated on the waterfront..There are many signs around town & in the hotel with instructions for evacuation in case of an earthquake and tsunami!!Makes for a bit of the old nerves getting a workout...Don't like getting in the lift!!Also opposite the harbour are 4 active volcanoes..No sign of life there at the moment thank goodness!!!!!!!

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